Priya Mani of ‘The Family Man 2’ was in pain, said – people used to call me ‘Aunty’, ‘Kali’

Priya Mani Raj is a beautiful South actress and has won the National Award. Nevertheless, the actress of ‘The Family Man’ had to face body shaming, which she has spoken openly about recently.

प्रिया मणि राज ने तमिल, तेलुगु और मलयालम फिल्मों में काम किया है (फोटो साभारः Instagram/pillumani)

National Award winner Priya Mani Raj left a deep impression on the audience there for years with her acting in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. Then with the web series ‘The Family Man 2’, he has cast his magic on the audience all over India. She is known for her acting as well as her stunning looks. There have always been negative people, but in this age of social media, trolling and making bad comments has become even easier for them. Recently, the actress has spoken openly about it.
In a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Priya Mani told that she has been called everything from ‘aunty’ to ‘kaali’ to ‘old’ on many occasions. Priya Mani told that there was a time when her weight had increased to 65 kg. Then many people called him ‘fat’, but now people are trolling him by calling him ‘skinny’. Due to this they are not able to understand what they want. She says why people are not allowed to live comfortably and why someone is embarrassed by calling them ‘fat’, ‘pig’.

Priya Mani said that she was called Kali, to which she asked what was the problem with being a black person and why they don’t change their opinion. Why can’t they realize that black is beautiful. Apart from this, she also revealed that when she posted pictures without makeup, she was told that she looked like an aunty or looked old.

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