Preity Zinta shared the video of the plane landing on the road, said – never thought it would happen

This video shared by Preity Zinta is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

प्रीति जिंटा ने शेयर किया सड़क पर लैंड हुए प्लेन का Video, बोलीं- कभी नहीं सोचा था ऐसा होगा

New Delhi: You are traveling in your car and on a few seconds a plane descends from the sky and suddenly comes to the ground in front of you. Obviously this incident will take anyone by surprise. Something similar happened with the famous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. Preeti was going in her car when she saw this sight on the road. Preity Zinta is very active on social media. He instantly made a video of the incident from inside his car and shared it on Instagram.

In her Instagram post, Preity Zinta wrote, “Everything happens for the first time. I never thought I would see a plane land while driving on the road. Thank God everyone are safe.” However, information has not been given about when and where this video is from. In the video, a plane is seen lying on the road and many people are passing around this plane. It is a matter of relief that there is no news of anyone getting hurt in this incident. Her fans are expressing surprise on this video of Preity Zinta. The video has got more than 5 lakh views so far.

Preity Zinta is away from films these days, but she remains in constant touch with her fans through social media. His last film came in 2018, which was named ‘Bhaiji Superhit’. Preeti made a comeback after 7 years through this film. Although this film was not very successful, but Preity Zinta is still popular among her fans.

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